The Power of Angel Smart Treasuries

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According to the latest BCG Report, tokenized assets are expected to become a $16 trillion business opportunity by 2030, from its already impressive $310 billion in 2022. 

We believe this presents an opportunity for SMEs to reduce their costs of operations while increasing their efficiency and expanding ownership frameworks and access to capital.

At Angel Protocol we are excited by the potential tokenized financial products introduce by bringing vast liquidity to previously illiquid or heavily gated markets. We believe tokenized assets can help level the playing field by removing the need for intermediaries and cost centers, improving the speed of financial settlement, and widening the aperture of how business ideas get funded. 

Tokenized assets are a vital area for SMEs to adopt to increase their competitiveness into the future. 

With the launch of Angel Smart Treasuries (ASTs), you can create and embed financial products in minutes with little to no coding required! 

We reduce the need to interact with complex and expensive traditional finance systems by building on smart contracts that are executed on a blockchain network.

We provide all the infrastructure you need to interact in compliance with the financial system with vetted fiat on/off ramps and KYC processes embedded within our open-source interface. This creates a world of possibilities, if you dream it, you can create it! . 

In this article series we shall:

(i) define Angel Smart Treasuries 

(ii) describe the need across specific use cases and 

(iii) get tactical by highlighting case studies and potential AST parameters to get you up and running.


What are Angel Smart Treasuries: 

Angel Smart Treasuries are a plug-and-play highly customizable blockchain solution. With us, you can launch blockchain based products without the high cost of development or need to invest in engineering resources. 


Whether you are seeking to reduce the costs of transacting, pioneer exciting ownership models or looking to embed transparency in your product, Angel Smart Treasuries provide an easy set up to:

  • Create a financial product perfectly tailored to your needs 
  • Pool funds from around the world at low cost and fast transaction times
  • Make collective investment decisions and manage multi-stakeholder governance
  • Mint tokens for collective ownership and fundraising
  • Access yield via a carefully curated set of tokenized assets
  • Improve transparency and trust with on-chain transactions


Additionally, our open-source UI includes an ever growing list oft features to take your SME to the next level including:

  • Easy to use management dashboard
  • Registration flow and onboarding for your clients
  • Fully fledged marketplace and user profiles
  • Wallet integration and connection (6 chains including EVM compatibility)


Use Cases:

We believe almost all SMEs can benefit from embedding innovative financial products  into their business model, but will start with the topics below. Stay tuned over the coming weeks as we provide real case studies alongside our thesis on the way the industries below will evolve through tokenized assets.

  • Microfinance
  • Crowdfunding
  • Venture Funds 
  • Charitable Trusts and Financial Vehicles
  • Solopreneurs and Startups

For more information, please visit our documentation.  We’d love to help you get started, talk to us to find out more!

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