Podcast – #Nonprofit Highlight with Jay, the Founder of Yellow Boat of Hope ⭐️

This week we sat down with Jay Jaboneta, the Founder of the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation. The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation is is a non profit based in the Philippines, with a mission to end poverty and all its underlying problems through education of our children,

To make education more accessible to children, they provide boats and build bridges so they can cross rivers. They build dormitories to give them safe shelters during school days. And they build classrooms and entire schools to facilitate learning for more children.


In this episode Jay Jaboneta shares: 

  • How Typhoon Ray (also known as Typhoon Colette) in the Philippines in late 2021, created a devastating impact  and how Yellow Boats of Hope Foundation, which was able to address some of the issues caused 
  • The importance of partnerships, such as the one between Angel Giving and the Yellow Boats of Hope Foundation, in responding to natural disasters and supporting communities in need.

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Jay Jaboneta – @JayJaboneta

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Yellow Boat of Hope Foundationhttps://app.angelgiving.io/profile/5 

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