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Our fintech solution helps you reduce costs by eliminating intermediaries, increase funding by tapping into a global investor pool, and attract customers with financial transparency.

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Trusted by over 170 leading institutions

Over $2.5M in funds managed

Core Benefits


Reduce Costs

Cut out intermediaries. Accept cross-border payments in crypto and fiat. Instantly settle & execute loan decisions at a fraction of the cost.


Fundraise Globally

Forge direct connections between loan recipients and global funders. Empower traditional grantors and retail participants to support your mission.


Build Trust

Foster trust with real-time portfolio performance. Provide clear visibility into all on-chain transactions and activities and build up customer credit scores.

You don't need to be a technical expert

Create your API request and configure your microfinance product in minutes, secured by the blockchain.

Use our open-source UI components for simplified navigation and intuitive user experience:

🔶 Expand your fundraising possibilities globally by accepting both fiat and digital currencies

🔶 Reduce your administrative overhead with automated KYC and transparent record keeping

🔶 Generate additional income by easily investing idle funds

🔶 Create unique governance structures thanks to smart contracts

Free to try. Get paid to build.

We share 20% of the revenue generated by the microfinance products that you create. Add your own user fees on top for additional revenue.

As for our revenue model? We only win when our customers win. Free to start, no hidden fees.

Simple, transparent pricing: 1% on annual balances, 1.5% on withdrawals.

Case Study: Tun Yat

We’re working with Tun Yat to enable the next generation of microfinance.


Tun Yat provides credit facilities for smallholder farmers in Myanmar, addressing limited financing options. With over 5,000 farmers already served, Tun Yat aims to transparently scale their loan portfolio while maximizing capital efficiency.

Goals of Partnership:

  • Global Fund Pooling: Overcome local political and economic challenges by pooling funds from around the world.
  • Direct Farmer-Funder Connection: Eliminate middlemen by building on-chain farmer credit profiles, connecting farmers directly to funders.
  • Curated Tokenized Assets: Invest in carefully selected tokenized assets to cover ongoing operational expenses.
  • Smart-Contract Automation: Implement smart-contract-based decisions with automatic execution of loan processes.
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