Happy Holidays from Angel Protocol

Happy Holidays from the Angel Protocol team

Well, what a year it has been. We are so pleased to be moving forward with new solutions, new marketplace, new charities and new campaigns. 

So why wait for the new year!

Let’s start right now. 

The Marketplace

Importantly, you will have seen that a revamped Angel Protocol marketplace has now gone live. This searchable and sortable page will continue to develop, adding extra information for charities so that they can keep donors and anyone interested, up to date with what they are doing with Angel Protocol funds or what they intend to do.  

Charities will soon benefit from a donation widget to use on the page, and increased donation and off-ramp routes including fiat currencies such as dollars, pounds and euros.

The Angel Alliance:

A crucial aspect of Angel Protocol that we often get asked about is the Angel Alliance. It is this alliance of protocols, apps and NFT minters that enables the auto-donations into charity endowments. Such as the $100 kickstart donation that every charity gets when setting up their new endowment.

Alliance members also choose charities from the marketplace to support with ad hoc campaigns. See for example the recent NFT campaign from ‘Crowned Space Apes‘ that has already raised almost $1,500 to fix a new roof on a school in Uganda. Because of secondary sales, this is an amount that will just keep on increasing.

If you would like to know more about being an Angel Alliance partner and helping make an impact worldwide, there’s nothing stopping you! Get in touch here

Holiday Giving: 

Firstly, we have just launched our end of year fundraising campaign for three charities committed to supporting longer, healthier lives worldwide. Longevity affects everyone and is definitely an issue of inclusion. The launch of the campaign included the most attended and listened to twitterspace we have ever hosted. Representatives from Angel Protocol and the three charities took part, and it includes detail of what they do, what they want to do with the donations, how they are working together in this unique collaboration and just what longevity is all about and how it affects all of us. Why not take a listen?

You can also donate to the campaign, or to the three charities directly by visiting longevity.angelimpact.io (And if you are US taxpayer, charity tax incentives apply – you can request a tax receipt for your end of year giving).

Secondly, there’s an NFT mint happening right now that is donating 100% of the proceeds to Angel Protocol charities. It’s easy to take part and in just 24 hours (and at the time of writing), over $2,500 has been raised. 

What will be in your present? What present?

Well, click the image below for more information but just $5 gets you an NFT present to open on Christmas day. There may be a surprise inside and all proceeds go to Angel Protocol charities. Thats 100%. Guaranteed.

The future!


All of us at Angel Protocol wish you a great end to 2022 and wish that 2023 brings you all great success, enjoyment and fulfilment in whatever you do. 


What are we looking forward to? Well, bringing back an increasing variety of yield generation tools, increasing the numbers of Angel Alliance members and seeing the launch and impact of Angel Impact Funds. That’s for starters.


And then we have the return of the HALO token. That will just be huge! 


Thank you for your donations, thank you for your time and for your enthusiasm for all things charitable. 


Happy holidays.

The Angel Protocol team


p.s Keep an eye out for gift card functionality very shortly. Enable your friends and relatives to donate to a charity of their choice.  

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