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The Power of Angel Smart Treasuries

According to the latest BCG Report, tokenized assets are expected to become a $16 trillion business opportunity by 2030, from its already impressive $310 billion

Angel Protocol arrives on Polygon!

We’re delighted to announce that after many months of arduous work to translate our entire codebase from Rust/CosmWasm to Solidity/EVM, we have finally deployed our

A new chapter for Angel Protocol with Smart Treasuries

A new chapter begins for Angel Protocol

TL;DR ¬† From Angel Endowments to Angel Smart Treasuries¬† Angel Protocol’s vision is to create the world’s leading infrastructure for global, equitable access to financial

Happy Holidays from the Angel Protocol team

Happy Holidays from Angel Protocol

Well, what a year it has been. We are so pleased to be moving forward with¬†new¬†solutions,¬†new¬†marketplace,¬†new¬†charities and¬†new¬†campaigns. So why wait for the¬†new¬†year! Let’s start right

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