A new chapter begins for Angel Protocol

A new chapter for Angel Protocol with Smart Treasuries



From Angel Endowments to Angel Smart Treasuries 


Angel Smart Treasury Dashboard

Angel Protocol’s vision is to create the world’s leading infrastructure for global, equitable access to financial opportunity. When we first came together in May 2021, the plan was always clear: first, create endowments to help nonprofits build sustainable cash flows and break the fundraising trap. Then, use the same infrastructure to develop other financial products such as college funds, retirement funds, impact funds, microlending, etc.

Our web3 endowments are now used in production by more than 160 clients with a TVL of ~2.5 million. And we are actively onboarding more users every week. Now is the time to start phase 2: expand to other activities.

While designing the product for these other activities, it became clear that it would make more sense to create one solution versatile enough to accommodate all use cases. This is how Angel Smart Treasuries were born. 

Angel Smart Treasuries are so versatile that we’re able to help many tech companies across various industries that want to integrate web3 into their products but struggle with the technical execution.  We’re excited to announce this new direction for Angel Protocol: helping tech companies unlock the potential of tokenized assets and communities with tailored web3 rails. 

The activities historically carried out through Angel Protocol (Endowments for nonprofits & fundraising marketplace) have been rebranded to Angel Giving, which is a prime example of a use case enabled by Angel Smart Treasuries.


Who are Angel Smart Treasuries for?

Angel Smart Treasuries are made for tech companies that want to tap into web3 to allow their users to pool funds from around the world at low cost, make collective investment decisions, invest in a carefully curated set of tokenized assets, mint tokens for collective ownership and fundraising, create transparent & trustless treasuries, and much more.

We provide open-source components that have been designed for excellent user experience with familiar, extensionless wallet creation and management as well as a selection of on/off-ramps that facilitate the transition from fiat to crypto and vice versa.

Communicating with our smart contracts is as easy as any traditional API integration. Creating the message to configure Angel Smart Treasuries takes only a few minutes.

We carefully research, select and assess the risk of assets available for investment and we maintain native governance tools (forums, polls, proposal interface, etc.) that integrate directly with our smart contracts.

We’re currently working on a number of exciting pilots with Angel Smart Treasuries, including:

  • Helping crowdfunding platforms in Latin America and southern Africa accept crypto donations, reduce remitting costs, enhance donor-donee relations, and benefit from long-term cash-flow generation;
  • Providing a microlending platform in Myanmar with a blockchain backend that helps them coordinate the action of lenders, providers of agricultural input, and smallholder farmers while keeping a transparent immutable trail;
  • Providing part of the financial infrastructure to raise, invest and manage funds for a large community centered around longevity research with NFT gamification.

Whether you’re running a business or contemplating creating one, reach out if you think that you could benefit from Angel Smart Treasuries. We share 20% of the revenue generated by the Angel Smart Treasuries created by our partners to help you get started. We’d be delighted to help you and your clients reap the benefits of web3. 


What’s next?

We’re currently in closed beta and looking to onboard new pilots eager to help perfect Angel Smart Treasuries with us. 

We are progressing well with the development of our EVM smart contracts and are on track for a testnet launch on Polygon by the end of Q1. It will then become possible to create your prototype and test integrations directly without our help. We’d still be happy to guide you through the process should you need it! If you’re interested in building with us or joining our beta testing community, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


About Angel Protocol

Angel Protocol is a decentralized organization rooted in social impact. Decentralized, because the protocol is run and maintained by its token holders. Rooted in social impact, because the protocol is designed to support nonprofit and social impact organizations. Learn more here.

We’re on a mission to democratize access to financial opportunity by making it easy for organizations and individuals to leverage the benefits of web3 technology.

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