Angel Protocol Product update: New look and feel, new functionality

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Hey, Angel family!

Here’s this month’s product update, packed with goodness for your consumption. We’re excited about the upcoming launch of Version 1.7 in mid-December, and wanted to share the details with you as we prep for launch.

What’s in Version 1.7?

A Better User Experience! 

Version 1.7 will optimize the user experience by dramatically improving all user-facing elements. These include:

  • The marketplace: including full search and sort functionality
  • Organization profiles: with better editing and image upload processes
  • Donation and registration flows: simpler operation
  • Wallet dropdown: easy access
  • My Donations: more information, more transparency

Gift Card Beta: Give one, give forever!

No, I didn’t misspell our ‘Give once, Give forever’ tagline! 🙂 

Our users always contribute in the development of our site – you may have seen the recent user survey that went out and suggestions from there ARE included in the new release… we thank all of you that took part in that. 

So, this December we’re including a baseline version of an “Angel Protocol Gift Card” as suggested by our users and community. 

This will enable anyone to empower others with the “gift of giving” – just in time for the holidays! 

The basic version will enable users to do the following:

  • Deposit a certain amount of tokens
  • Get a unique gift card code to share

The recipient of the gift card will then be able to donate the specified amount of tokens on Angel Protocol’s platform, and if they wish, to receive tax receipts to record the donation. 

Got a special someone in mind for the holidays? Consider sending them a gift card to empower the charity of their choice!

When 1.7?

We are aiming to launch v1.7 on Dec 19th.

Follow us on Twitter for more product and feature updates!  

What Else?

Well, fiat is not just a car maker! 

We’re also excited that very soon, we’ll integrate the Ramp widget from our friends at Kado – making it even easier to on-ramp and off-ramp in crypto AND in due course ‘fiat’ donations – dollars, pounds, euros, whatever.

Depending on your country (and the numbers of countries able to use KADO is increasing regularly), donors will be able to buy and then donate crypto straight to you.

You get the donation into your endowment. They pay using their credit card in whatever fiat currency they use. 

Look forward to that in an upcoming update! 

‘Tis the season!

As we enter the holidays, when giving is front and center for many folks – we’re here to help you maximize the impact of your holiday giving as a donor, and help direct funds where they are most needed – to charities around the world. 

Don’t forget to visit the marketplace to donate now!

See you at the December update!

 A note about product releases:

We release these product updates to keep you connected each month with what we’re building. Want to find out more? Connect with us on social media. 

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