Angel Protocol arrives on Polygon!

We’re delighted to announce that after many months of arduous work to translate our entire codebase from Rust/CosmWasm to Solidity/EVM, we have finally deployed our smart contracts on Mumbai, the testnet of the Polygon Network. We invite anyone to start building with us the financial products they’ve always dreamt of! The smarts contracts are currently being audited and will be deployed on mainnet once those are over.

We are also making the staging site of our open-source front-end public so that anyone can get a feel of what’s possible to build on Angel Protocol, get help to craft the appropriate messages for integrations, and contribute.

Build financial products in minutes

Angel Protocol provides fintech infrastructure that enables businesses to build financial products in minutes. Today, it is in use by Angel Giving, which helps nonprofits build long-term sustainable cash flows with web3 endowments. We’re also helping crowdfunding platforms, microfinance institutions, web3 protocols, DAOs, collective investment funds and others build the tailored financial products they need. And there are many more use cases that haven’t been explored yet: personal trusts, college funds, retirement products, insurance products, DAFs, syndicates, etc.

Would you like to augment your product or build a new product from scratch that entails either or: i) pooling capital globally at low cost, ii) investing in assets for yield or capital appreciation, iii) making collective investment decisions, iv) large-scale ownership and/or fundraising, v) increasing transparency and trust? Then you should consider integrating Angel Smart Treasuries in your fintech infrastructure stack. 

Here’s how you do it

Step uno: Read the docs

Our complete documentation is available here. You will find both a functional and a technical description on how to interact with our smart contracts. Please excuse some of its rough edges as we’re still working on improving it a little every day.

Step dos: Talk to the contracts

If you’re an experienced blockchain developer, this will be a piece of cake for you. Use the doc to build the messages you need and fire up your app!

If you’re not so well-versed in blockchain development, no problem! We’ve got you covered. Head off to our GitHub repo to check out how the app we built interacts with the contracts. Fork it, break it, tear it apart, splice it, make it your own, we don’t care! As long as it helps you get closer to your goal. Feel free to raise issues if you see some and contribute if you would like to!

Step tres: Talk to us!

Please reach out to us. Even if it’s just to say hi, to tell us that you love Angel Protocol, that we got some stuff wrong, just reach out! And above all: reach out if you need help. We will be delighted to help make your project a reality.

Not in the mood to build yet? Just check it out!

It’s just a matter of time before you start creating the next fintech unicorn (zebras are fine too!) with us. But until then, you can always check out how it all works. Here’s how:

1. Step : visit our public beta staging site

Visit our public beta staging site here. A word of caution: while all the functionality described in the docs is already available to builders, we’re still in the process of building out the front-end, and will be for quite some time. This means that the staging site will probably be buggy, even broken, at times, while we deploy new features on the fly. If you find a bug or two, feel free to leave an issue in the GitHub repo to let us know. We will be providing detailed updates at the end of each sprint, every two weeks.

2. Step èr: Add Mumbai to your wallet and add funds

Adding Mumbai testnet

Most wallets don’t have defaults settings for Polygon’s current testnet, Mumbai. You will need to add it yourself:

If you know how to add networks manually, here are the details:

  1. Head off to ChainList and connect your wallet. Clicking this link should let you see the network details but if it doesn’t go through steps 2 & 3 below

2. Check the “Include Testnets” box

3. Type “Mumbai” in the “Search Networks” field

4. Click “Add to MetaMask” to add it automatically to your wallet.

  • Network name: Mumbai
  • New RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 80001
  • Currency symbol: MATIC
  • Block Explorer URL:

Getting monopoly money testnet funds into your wallet

Unfortunately wallets generally come empty, which means that you’ll have to put in some sweet testnet MATIC to be able to interact with the platform. Getting some is not very difficult: head off to the Polygon Faucet, paste your address in the address field, press the Submit button. You’re all set!

3. Step sān: Enjoy using Angel Protocol and talk to us!

I’m not sure that we made it clear enough that we loved receiving feedback. So you know what to do: just reach out and let us know what you think! We look forward to hearing from you.

In closing

We’re delighted to open this new chapter for Angel Protocol. After launching endowments for nonprofits last year, we’ve been working very hard to create a product that has the potential to help millions craft a more financially secure future for themselves. Today, our vision has become a reality and we’re excited to see what the incredible talent out there will be building with Angel Protocol.

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