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We’re a global team with backgrounds in philanthropy and technology, passionate about building the next generation of social impact solutions


Lambert Despaux
Product Lead
Shaun Robinson
Innovation Lead
Chauncey St. John
Operations lead
Sagar Tandon
Impact Advisor
Pallav Vora
Legal Lead


Steve Katzman
Smart Contract Engineer
Andrey Keller
Engineering Lead
Paolo Mariano
Fullstack Engineer
Nenad Misic
Fullstack & SC Engineer
Justin Salas
Fullstack Engineer

Angel Giving

Angel Giving lit the spark of Angel Impact and made our team come together.

Its purpose is to provide financial stability to nonprofit organizations with web3 endowments. But we wanted to go further.

The protocol is carefully designed to benefit the nonprofit organizations of Angel Giving. We redirect a portion of protocol fees and align the interests of donors, token holders and nonprofits with our tokenomics. Win and help win.

Angel Alliance

The Angel Alliance is a collective of more than 125 organizations committed to fostering positive change. We are at the forefront of a more transparent and accountable form of corporate giving.

Alliance members have flexibility in how they give to the nonprofit organizations of the network: native token allocations, equity, staking, partner integrations, mint/royalty fees, direct contributions, etc.

To date, the Angel Alliance has distributed more than $3 million on-chain to nonprofits.


Some examples of initiatives led by Angel Giving

Typhoon Rai disaster relief

The Typhoon Rai created a humanitarian crisis impacting over 2.4m people’s shelters, food supply, and livelihood.

We donated $500k approved through a governance proposal with Yellow Boat of Hope, a Philippines-based nonprofit organization.

The funds were generated by the Angel Alliance with participants agreeing to give 100% of staking rewards to impact activities.

Restore Earth campaign

Campaign designed to counteract environmental stigma around cryptocurrencies and engage new donors with philanthropy.

We highlighted three nonprofits addressing climate change through; clean oceans, carbon sequestration, and reforestation.

The campaign generated over $1.5m in donations within one month, raising over $500,000 for each nonprofit.

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