Introducing Angel Smart Treasuries – March Newsletter

📣 From Angel Endowments to Angel Smart Treasuries 

This month, we announced a new direction for Angel Protocol: providing fintech infrastructure that enables businesses to build financial products in minutes 🙌.


Early next month, we will launch our new product: Angel Smart Treasuries. They are made for any business that is looking to build next-generation financial products to allow their users to pool funds from around the world at low cost, invest in a carefully curated set of tokenized assets, make collective investment decisions, mint tokens for collective ownership and fundraising, improve transparency & trust, and much more. Learn more in this blog post


If you would like to get a sneak peek before the launch, feel free to check out our prototype (not all features are included in this prototype)


We’re actively looking to talk to potential users and help them make projects a reality so please, don’t hesitate to reach out:

The activities historically carried out through Angel Protocol (Endowments for nonprofits & fundraising marketplace) have been rebranded to Angel Giving, which is a prime example of a use case enabled by Angel Smart Treasuries.

🎙️ Twitter Spaces

We host biweekly spaces to keep you informed with all the new updates and projects that we are working on. This month we detailed all the changes as we went from Angel Protocol to adding in Angel Giving for nonprofits.

Angel Protocol: A New Direction
A lot has changed recently and we’ve given you all the details on this new direction. Listen here

#Nonprofit Highlight with Jay Jaboneta

This week we spoke to the founder of the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation to hear how the $500,000 grant they received through Angel Giving has changed lives! Listen here

😇 Angel Giving News

Through Angel Giving we’ve given over $500,000 to the Yellow Boat Foundation in the Philippines. Read about the amazing work that the Yellow boat of Hope Foundation were able to do in this report ⬇️

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