Build financial products in minutes

Whether you’re looking to start from scratch or embed finance into your existing products, Angel Impact has you covered. Benefit from our fintech infrastructure unencumbered by the traditional financial system and create more innovative financial products, faster.


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When we say minutes, we mean minutes.

When you build with us, you build on smart contracts that are executed on a blockchain network. This means that you don’t have to create and maintain accounts in the traditional financial system.

We still provide you with all the infrastructure and UI you need to interact in all compliance with the financial system: fiat on/off-ramps, KYC, etc.

Make more innovative financial products

Enable your users to:

🔶 Pool funds from around the world at low cost 

🔶 Invest in a carefully curated set of tokenized assets

🔶 Make collective investment decisions

🔶 Mint tokens for collective ownership and fundraising

🔶 Improve transparency & trust

Program without coding

Set the following parameters to program the behavior of your financial product and make it bespoke to your users’ needs:

🔶 Define how funds are locked

🔶 Set contributors and beneficiaries

🔶 Set a maturity date and associated logic

🔶 Set who has permissions to execute actions

🔶 Lock forever any of these parameters

You don't need to be a blockchain expert

Communicating with smart contracts is as easy as any traditional API integration.

Create your API request and configure your financial product in only a few minutes.

Use our open-source components for your UI: 

🔶 Wallet connect & dropdown (6 chains and counting)

🔶 Cross-chain deposits

🔶 Registration flow & onboarding for your clients

🔶 Fully-fledged marketplace & user profiles

🔶 Management dashboard


We do the heavy lifting for you

We carefully research, select and assess the risk of assets available for investment.

We continuously vet and integrate third party tools that support the operations of decentralized organizations (payroll, accounting, project management, etc.)

Get paid to build on Angel Impact

Wait, what? Yes, you read that right. We share 20% of the revenue generated by the financial products that you create.

You will automatically receive your share of all fees generated by those financial products that are created with your referrer address in the API request.

Case study: Angel Giving

Web3 endowments for nonprofit organizations

Built in-house by the Angel Impact team, Angel Giving provides web3 endowments to nonprofit organizations, helping them build sustainable treasuries.

Donations are received directly into their endowments and invested to generate yield, part of which is dedicated to the nonprofit’s activity and the remainder reinvested, compounding in perpetuity.

The platform uses the following front-end components: marketplace with discoverable profiles, cross-chain donation flow with fiat onramp and management dashboard.

Your financial products are rooted in social impact

A portion of the fees generated by the financial products that you create are automatically directed to social impact causes.

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